Russell Wendell Morfe. Dionido II楊文成

Full name: Russell Wendell Morfe. Dionido II楊文成
Born: 1983-10-01
Birth place: lucena, philippines, quezon, republic of the philippines
Nationality: filipino, filipino people
Native name: Poochok<BR>Yubunseng (Iûⁿ bûn-sêng)
Known for: Founder of Twenty20CLUB-Savings Association
Spouse: single
Occupation: businessman, financial advisor, insurance advisor

Russell Wendell M. Dionido (|s=|p=Yáng Wénchéng Pe̍h-ōe-jī:Iûⁿ bûn-sêng) was a Filipino Chinese businessman, financial, and insurance adviser.

a former activist and youth leader,he is one of the convenors in different youth alliances some of those are Education for All Movement-Quezon Chapter(E! 4all),Save Our Education Movement (Quezon Chapter),and Quezon Youth Speak(Q-Yspeak).

now he writes some online publication regarding youth and students struggle and empowerment, he has been regular resource speaker of different forums, conferences and Conventions that tackle youth, education, and financial freedom.

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